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坲re a brighter, and healthier future for▓ all children, said Ma Yili, a well-know▓n Chinese actress and UNICEF (UN Children's Fund) am▓bassador during her recent trip in Kenya."The purpose of this visit is mainly to lea▓rn from and exchange with health workers in Kenya▓, and to share my experience there with people back home," said Ma."It has been a great honor for me to serve as a UNICEF ambassador, and to work with them to promote early childhood dev

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elop▓ment," she added.Ma's visit to Kenya coincided with her inaugural overseas mission as a UNICEF ambassado▓r.At the Pumwani Maternity Hospital, which happens to be one of the largest state-funded maternity ▓facilities in Kenya, Ma was

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impressed by▓ the warm reception she received from the mother▓ of a 2-month-old baby whom she administer▓ed an oral polio vaccine."I did not▓ expect the mother of the child to trust me ▓this much -- this has been inspiring," she r

emar▓ked with excitement.Catherine Mutinda, the pres▓ident of the hospital, hailed Ma's visit and the positive impact it created in the▓ lives of young ones."She is very friendly and down to

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earth," said Mutinda.As a mother of two girls, Ma had an easy time connecti▓ng with children at the maternity hospital.The well-known Chinese actress was in 2▓013 appointed the UNICEF Special Advocate f

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or Breastfeeding and Early Childhood Development.She has in the last couple of years engaged in robust advocacy for breastfeeding as a means to promote children's health."I feel that the social responsibilities on my shoulder are even heavier since I have become a mother," Ma▓ told Xinhua,


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e▓ss on children's health.She has been visiting projects supported by UNICEF and its partners in various pa▓rts of Kenya that are geared toward promoting


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remarkab▓le results in increasing breastfeeding rates and reducing neonatal mortality."What is even more ▓encouraging is that with the advocacy effort of


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Nairobi," said Ma."I have seen that many premature babies▓ lie on the mother's chest every day to have intimate contact with them," she added. Evidence ha


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er's tem▓perature and stimulate its respiratory sy▓stem.Ma also underscored the critical role of community health volunteers to ensure the success of child-

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ce▓ntered health programs. "There are many male volunteers, which is laudable," she ▓said."I think men should play their part in nurturing the children, share their duties with young moth▓ers and contribute to improvement of maternal and ch▓ild health," said Ma.Kenya and other sub-Sa▓haran African coun

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tries are the epicenter of childhood illnesses and deaths beca▓use of inadequate and ill-equipped health facilities, poverty and cultural beliefs.Statistics from UNICEF indicate that sub-Saharan Africa region accounts for 38▓ percent of the 7,000 newborns who die every day across t▓he globe."It is especially s

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